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During my last pregnancy we couldn't have sex from months all the way on until 8 months. I never even thought about it being bad and DH (dear husband) and I did anal many times. I loved it then but HATE it now, I guess I was just needing something. I have placenta previa and was told it was not likely  Anal sex? Placenta previa & anal - Glow Community Gizelle. Age: 19. We are nadine and roberto, a luxury exclusive couple. I don't know how my hubby and I are gonna take it with out sex for that long. Hi everyone!! well i found at wednesday that i had placenta previa and it sux!!! jaja me and my husband sorry might be TMi for some people which i hope its not bc its normal but we are very sex. Sammie. Age: 25. If you like the finer things in life then come spend some time with me! I am a UK Wildcat and I love to meet new people and try new experiences Anal sex ok with pelvic rest/low lying placenta? Jul 5, - Placenta previa & anal Ok so I'm 18wks almost 19 and I've had complete placenta previa since 14wks. Doc says no sex, but I wonder if anal is safe? I'm a recov. So, unless you are certain that you are in a monogamous relationship and know that you and your partner are HIV negative, you should avoid anal sex. If either you or your partner is in a polygamous relationship, then the risk of contracting STD goes up; Placenta previa: If you have placenta previa, a condition where the.

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Kinzie. Age: 26. I have been blessed with beautiful toned body So I found out today that I have a complete previa. I haven't had any bleeding so that is great but dr put me in complete pelvic rest to be safe. I didn't realize not having sex would be such a shock. I'm not really in the mood but when it happens I do enjoy it and to be told nothing for essentially 6months is. Jul 25, - Hey ladies so my dr said my placenta is too close to my cervix and she doesn't want me having sex until she tells me so. I feel like a cow but there are days where I really want it and my husband is like we can't (now) but we obviously do other things(anal sex including) I'm pretty sure anal is okay right?Orgasms during sleep? - Placenta Previa. Member since Feb 27, Posted: Mar 06, I was told yesterday that I have a partial placenta previa and was put on pelvic rest until my 20 week ultrasound. I am 12w5d. I don't know how my hubby and I are gonna take it with out sex for that long. lol does anyone know if oral or anal sex is okay? Reply to post button.


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