Hand sucked into winch

Apr 1, - was watching a show on the travel channel about Wheeling, (its still on if you want to watch the rest) but anyway, At the end of the mud bog segment, they show a guy getting his hand sucked into a winch, the winch wouldnt spool back out, so they had to get a pry bar to get his hand out, the guy passed out. ksrec.info: KFI Products ATV-SCHS Winch Cable Hook Stopper: Automotive Christen. Age: 28. no police no police affiliation!! It's been working for over a month and a half with no issues. Nov 1, - Thorns, wire, and cactus can become imbedded in synthetic rope, steel cables can fray, and your hand (and arm) can get pulled into the fairlead and around the drum of the winch. The results are painful and can be devastating. You could lose a finger or even your hand if it gets sucked into the winch. Tracy. Age: 29. indulge into my world of passion and high jinks Winch Hook Straps I've only used my winch 3 times so maybe more testing is required. The only issue was the initial installation since I tightened down the screws to much that it squished the two pieces together. That's a me problem. It keeps the metal-crimp on my Can-Am Commander Warn winch hook from being sucked into or scratching. They're usually made out of nylon or polyester and hook onto the end of your winch cable. They have one loop on one end and are flat on the other. Why use one? You could just grab the winch cable or the hook, right? Warn Winch Hook Strap Protect your hands from burrs, metal splinters, and getting sucked into your.

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Aileen. Age: 30. Stunning mixed beauty here to please! I provide nothing but the best experience to make your time worth while allowing the rope to be pulled out manually. Engaged – Free spool is off and the motor mechanism is engaged to either winch in or winch out the rope. Main rig – The winch Hands in – A hand signal communication of your intent to touch the letting it slide in your gloved hands, into the winch in a neat even wrap layer. I broke the hook off my winch cable, and now upon trying to remove the old cable to replace it, I found that it is stuck. I can't spool it out using. will not pull in either :(thanks, Doug Dual Threads Merged into one . I had to pull the winch out, and unravel by hand, which sucked But the old one is in the. His hand slipped. My heart lurched up to my throat. What was I doing? There were hundreds of feet between me and the fast- approaching land. “Mistress Rosewood!” The doctor exclaiming – were sucked into the clouds, along with a lingering harmony of heavenly bells that I felt would haunt me for the rest of my life.


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