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1 - 20 of 56 Works in Bobby Singer/John Winchester . There has been a strange murder at Stanford and the Winchesters along with Bobby go to investigate. But there are surprises and family discovery along the way. . John needs Bobby's help with testing out his new spanking spoon. Bobby's a little too eager to help. Lying to John Winchester is Never a Good Idea, a supernatural fanfic | FanFiction Serena. Age: 29. Anna Nicole here, the young, thick, innocent girl next door of your dreams! I only cater to well groomed and classy gentleman who need a break from the same boring routine in life! I'm super sweet, freaky, and guaranteed to please you better than your wife or girlfriend ever could!! ?? Come get a taste of the best in the Southwest, I promise you won't regret it Daddy!! Hazard by Richard Marx. Eventually he stopped in a clearing of trees, trying to decide the best way to glue their family together after this little scare. Castiel Novak and Dean Winchester kept their love a secret. Why? Well John was a homophobe and Dean did not want his father to find out. One day Castiel finds out he is a carrier, the day he finds out he is 2 months pregnant. When Castiel tells Dean, his lover dumps him. Castiel is left to watch Dean live a normal life. Sara. Age: 26. I don't respond to private number or sms mood: content. Title: JOHN WINCHESTER STILL SMALL. Author: Lady M. Characters: De-aged John, Dean, Sam, Bobby. Scenario: Bobby spanks John, Bobby spanks Dean. Implements: Hand and spoon. Rating: PG for spanking and mild swearing. Warning: Parental spanking of minors. Please don't read if it offends. WARNING: Contains the spanking of a child by his father. DISCLAIMER: I own no characters from (or anything related to) the show Supernatural. I only want to play with them for a little while. I promise to return them in (almost) the same condition. TITLE: Pat The (Easter) Bunny. CHARACTERS: John Winchester, Dean (10).

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Penny. Age: 18. Hi I'm Simone Staxxx You Will Be In Awe With My Busty Petite 4'11 Frame With An All Natural Lactating 40FF You Don't have to imagine playing with my Huge knockers just give me a call now Sep 16, - He managed to aim his anger at his father for not hugging him after spanking him; even if it had only been a few smacks – nothing compared to John Winchester's usual tough love approach. He slowly drifted off to sleep thinking about his dad's hugs and the way he used to play with his hair as he fell asleep. Jan 31, - Fandom: Supernatural Main Characters/Parings John/Sam & Dean Type of Spanking: Discipline Implement(s): Hand, brush, paddle Summary: I don't Dean and Sam miss curfew while John is away but get caught when he comes home early. The boys slowly turned to face an angry John Winchester. So welcome to my page. Fair warning to all this journal contains stories about spanking. Some of minors some of consenting adults. I mostly write Supernatural stories but have been known to toss out a few Teen Wolf or Prison Break stories and might put out something from a different show in the future but all of my stories.


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