American parents are assholes

This is not okay. This is why most children you meet these days are little assholes. This is why the future of civilization as we know it is basically doomed. Somewhere in the last decade or so, the kids got all the power. Parents of the world: We've got to get it back. As I write this, my beautiful, perfect child is licking the floor. It's Not Just a Phase. Kids are Assholes. | HuffPost Evelyn. Age: 25. huge kiss That's not a slight, it just is what it is. The hardest part of this minefield is not letting it influence your decisions. Aug 9, - It was like, "You're fucked up, and there is no reason why you should be — none of us are. So it's on you to figure out your issues and get over them." Jupiterimages. Do I think I deserved better treatment? If I was eager to jump on the self-pity train, I'd say yes. But I'll repeat what I said previously: no one in. Tweety. Age: 26. i am an atractive lady...dont hesitate to contact me! 25+ Asshole Parents Who Ruined Their Children’s Lives Oct 17, - That moral fiber is how we keep them from becoming assholes and politicians, but it doesn't come without consequence. . Some of us still do. Unfortunately, though, that means for both kids and parents that the "you're still a child and under my oppressive thumb" treatment has to be used from time to time. Oct 6, - Social media may have made it worse, but bullying is something almost every year-old will encounter, and parents need to help.

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Charmane. Age: 29. very passive love dominant men who take what they want -play chess read and shop Sep 24, - 3. Ditto to the person who says “Are you sure she wouldn't prefer to be a princess?” when your daughter wants a Batman costume for Halloween. 4. The jerk who says “Put it away!” when you breastfeed in public. 5. But also the asshole who tells the bottle-feeding parent that “breastfed babies are smarter!”. If I had a nickel for every teenager on Quora who complains about unfair treatment by their parents and who begins their tale in the middle of the story, I'd probably You did mention an upcoming job opportunity — so guessing you're between 15 and 17, living in US maybe and without any health or mental challenges. Jul 28, - Children are people and sometimes people are assholes. But when you're a kid, When you're a kid, you have no real power other than being super cute or being the world's biggest asshole. But it's not like “Because I said so” is the phrase of a lazy parent and one I have uttered all too often. She's also.


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