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Dec 15, - These questions are something that, although didn't give me an absolute answer on if I was bisexual, only you can do that, but rather a possibility of being bisexual. This quiz also helps you to see if you are just a "sexual" bisexual, as in, you'll be willing to sleep with girls, but you aren't really into a full. Are You Lesbian, Bisexual, Bi-Curious or Straight? Josephine. Age: 21. Lets start with a few lines in an email, shall we? We've got a new embed code! Aug 1, - Hey! If you're wondering and questioning your sexuality, then this quiz is PERFECT for you! Do you care about what people say or might say if you were bisexual? It's whatever, I don't really care what they think. No way! I'm proud of the way I am! Why would I care? I'm straight. It scares me to think of what. Adriana. Age: 18. I do lots of sports to keep my body toned and beautiful - check our my gallery for photos! Are You Lesbian, Bisexual, Bi-Curious or Straight? Oct 25, - You see an attractive member of the same sex in a coffee shop. What are you thinking or doing? A. Better not look at them for too long! Someone might think I'm gay. B. Wow, they're really good looking. C. I wonder if their partner is as good looking. D. Wow! They are so hot! E. Check it out! F. They're nice. Jun 28, - is fluid and always changing, lots of gURLs have sexual thoughts that make them wonder if they're not quite as straight as they think. Sound familiar? Labels don't actually matter, but sometimes it can be helpful to be able to identify oneself. Wondering if you might play for both teams? Quiz it to find out!

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Rio. Age: 22. Hey guys, I'm Mai Tai Mar 3, - Yes, this is a real bisexual talking to you right now. Don't make any sudden movements because, if you do, you might scare me away. Then, society won't believe you when you try to tell them bisexual people actually exist, and one was just talking to you. Hahahaha I'm just kidding. (No, I'm not.). Sep 28, - Freud claimed we are all born bisexual. You may define yourself as straight, or gay, but where do you stand on the bisexual spectrum? WARNING: Content may only be suited for those with a shameless, open-mind! Are You Bi? Okay, you've exchanged a drunken kiss with someone of the same sex. While that doesn't make you gay, it might make you bi. It's time to find out if your feelings are a fluke or if you're playing for both teams. There's only one catch -- you have to answer honestly, painful as it may be.


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