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May 6, - my snapchat! trishaonyt order Trish Shirts Here! subscribe to my main youtube channel! 23 Bizarre Uses for Pantyhose | Reader's Digest Cecilia. Age: 22. Gentlemen I can identify with so many of thesr comments. I would guess almost Feb 13, - i have been with my man nearly 5 years, and been living together for a year, we have a realy good sex life even though hes only made me orgasm twice i still feel mostly forfilled, about 6 months ago i found hed been on the laptop looking at fetish sites. Kristina. Age: 25. My photos are 100% real and recent MODERATORS Sep 8, - I myself have thoroughly enjoyed the fetish of seeing women wearing classy nylons, pantyhose, and heels. Not the usual "Stripper" type heels women wear today, but the more classic styles. It's the ultimate turn-on for me. My wife has known this from the onset of our relationship. And she used to dress up. Jan 21, - Someone on Quora has a fetish about pantyhose and repeatedly asks about them, but I suspect it is a male who has never been forced by societal norms to waste money on and wear pantyhose in miserable conditions for years. No. They are not as “turn Do woman like guys that wear pantyhose?

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Olesya. Age: 27. Am used to the finer things in life, i enjoy spending time with clean, respectful gentlemen who like to have a bit of naughty fun!!!! There are plenty of guys with a fetish for stockings, legs, pantyhose, etc But I've never heard and have a few. If a man is into stockings, I can easily add a pair to the costumes if that will turn him on more. Its intersesting if you search for stockings or pantyhose on craigslist, its ALL dudes. Either: 1) Guys. From someone who loves women whom wear pantyhose, its the fantasizing of touching your smooth legs, massaging your soft feet and sniffing that wonderful aroma. The smell of women's feet is a intoxication turn-on. No need for Viagra. Guys that stare at your feet, are just trying to get a better look to see how well your feet. Nov 24, - If it turns him on to see you in pantyhose and to wear them himself, have a ball. Look at it as so much better than needing porn or a third for bridge. And perhaps suggest to him my two favorite brands: L'eggs and Wolford. — Margo, playfully. When caution = wisdom. Dear Margo: I am utterly humiliated!


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