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Ethnic Vaginal Variance. I have been with two asians and a caucasian. I am not sure if it is a myth or there is some sortof a medical truth to it, but is it really true thatasian women tend to be tighter? One of the asian women I had intercourse with was indeed ti Womens Health - Sexual Health - Women. 'I am worried about my skin colour down there' - Telegraph Jan. Age: 21. Long brown hair | tanned skin We gynecologists lovingly call it Big Bertha. Our genitals, and especially our labia minora are particularly prone to variations in size, shape and color. None of these variations is due to having sex or masturbating. Having very dark purple, dark brown or almost black edges (or full lips) on your labia minora is normal. Do not worry about it for one single. Briella. Age: 26. Hi my name is Anna Does ethnicity determine nipple color? Feb 11, - I noticed lately that the tips of the lips of my vagina are turning dark colors. they used to be all pink. i saw porns before and sometimes they look the same but all the way dark purple-ish. I dont have much sexual experience so I'm not sure if sex is. Most Helpful Guy. Frost_Byt3. mho 13%. I have pink nipples. I think only blondes and redheads have pink nipples though. And i think brunettes have brownish nipples. Same for vagina colors. haven't you ever noticed that every woman's nipplss are the same color as her vagina? 1. 1|0. 0|0.

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Kristy. Age: 24. Hey fellas, I'm Kali P These data suggest that there are ethnic/racial predispositions to certain skin conditions. Qualitatively, it has been noted that vulvar appearance in dark-skinned blacks and Hispanics is somewhat different from fair-skinned patients with atopic dermatitis and neurodermatitis (7). The erythema is masked by the dark skin color. Apr 27, - Have you ever flipped through a little gem called the Labia Library? It's a photo gallery of many, many vaginas (do I need to mention it's NSFW?), proving that there really are no two that are exactly the same. One of the first things you notice is that the color is different on every woman. Some people have. Oct 4, - One woman asks Dr Petra Boynton, The Telegraph's sex and relationships agony aunt, about her skin colour and the impact it is having on being I'm light in complexion but in between my legs it's very dark from my inner thighs up to my vagina and this is giving me problems with my partner as I do not.


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